FourM Recruitment is a leading recruitment & selection agency in innovative or changing markets which uses a personal approach to create successful and lasting work relationships between professionals and employers. 

We are currently seeking:

  • Finance & Human Resources Managers
  • IT professionals
  • Experienced Interim (Project) Managers
  • Sales- & Marketing Professionals

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Success through personal contact


In the process of recruitment and selection, two parties are brought together: a company with a job opening and a candidate looking for a new position. FourM expects quality and cooperation from both parties.

In FourM's vision, employers must be businesses that interpret their HR policy professionally and sustainably. Businesses that pay attention to their employees offer training options and career coaching.

The FourM consultants know and understand the market, monitor developments closely, and talk from a broad vision. Moreover, FourM works quickly, with integrity and professionalism.

In FourM's assignments, the company uses its own 4M model: the success of a business is determined by the mutual relationships between Managers, Employees, the Market and Competitors. The decisions of the managers, the working methods of employees, the demands of the market and the actions of the competitors must be in tune with each other.